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13 Jun 2007, 3:17 PM
I found the reason for the problem listed by me in the Ext Community Forums -> Help section: Progress bar starts at the middle in IE.

The alignment for the message progress bar (css element: .ext-mb-progress-bar) is not set by default in Ext. As such, in a page where the body is set to text-align: center, in IE6 the progress bar will be centered, too.

This will give the weird look I described.

The solution found by me is to update ext-all.css (basic-dialog.css). I added to text-align: left to #x-msg-box .ext-mb-progress .

Such as:

#x-msg-box .ext-mb-progress {
background: #e0e8f3 url(../images/default/qtip/bg.gif) repeat-x;
text-align:left; <---- ADDED BY ME

I am attaching a test page with which you can reproduce the problem and check my solution, too. Please rename it to html as upload is not allowed with that extension. Also, please make sure the ext includes are correct for your machine.


14 Jun 2007, 9:29 AM
This isn't a bug. Ext by default sets text-align:left in reset.css. If you choose to change this value, you need to account for it. That's why reset.css is used - it ensures a known starting point, so all individual widgets don't have to deal with simple things. In general setting text-align:center on the body is a poor practice. There are few instances where text needs to be aligned center and certainly not globably at the page level.