View Full Version : TabPanelItem "beforeclose" event intercepted by La

23 Nov 2006, 8:04 PM
Noticed that in RC2, instead of listening to the TabPanelItem's "close" event, it now intercepts the "beforeclose" event, and removes the panel from the LayoutRegion immediately.

Not sure if there is any means for our code to intercept this event before LayoutRegion grabs it?
i.e. need to allow cancellation of panel removal in certain situations.

23 Nov 2006, 9:15 PM
It is stopping the tab panel from doing it's usual removal since that breaks the preserve panel functionality.

What is really needed is a cancelable beforeremove event on the region itself rather than you manually attaching to the tab beforeclose. This way it also works with the standard close icon as well as closeOnTab.

I will put that in first thing tomorrow since others will probably have a similar problem.

24 Nov 2006, 7:23 AM
This is in SVN.

24 Nov 2006, 10:34 AM
Thanks, works quite well.