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18 Aug 2009, 8:15 AM
Hi All,

I have been reading on the web how GXT 2.0 upgrade is a nightmare. We need to upgrade to GXT 2.0/GWT 1.6 soon. I am wondering if any of you has any advise or can shed some light on how long does it take to upgrade a medium scale application to GXT2.0 from GXT1.2?

Are there any upgrade documents that can be used for the upgrade?

Any help is appreciated!


18 Aug 2009, 8:20 AM
It is not really a nightmore. There are a couple of changes but all of them are fast fixable. (Events are not a class and no longer a interger will be thebiggest thing).

I moved a quite big application in less than two hours.

The way GXT2 works is in almost most parts the same as in gxt1.

18 Aug 2009, 8:22 AM
Is there any upgrade document to guide us?

21 Aug 2009, 5:03 AM
...and here it is:


It's more like a guideline on the api changes (since version 2.x is not backward compatible with 1.x), anyway the change is worthy.

hope it helps.