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23 Aug 2009, 10:10 AM
Problem Description
When I try to use JSON Paging Feature and press the "NEXT" button, the browser can send the request very well, but the page number doesn't change. For example, the current page number is 1, but it will be still 1 after I press "NEXT".
GXT version
Sample code

RequestBuilder builder = new RequestBuilder(RequestBuilder.GET,
GWT.getHostPageBaseURL() + urlpath);

HttpProxy<String> proxy = new HttpProxy<String>(builder);
JsonPagingLoadResultReader<PagingLoadResult<ModelData>> reader = new

final PagingLoader<PagingLoadResult<ModelData>> loader = new
BasePagingLoader<PagingLoadResult<ModelData>>( proxy, reader);

final PagingToolBar toolBar = new PagingToolBar(20);

ListStore<ModelData> store = new ListStore<ModelData>(loader);
final Grid<ModelData> grid = new Grid<ModelData>(store, cm);

In "JsonPagingLoadResultReader.java", I find the method

protected BasePagingLoadResult<ModelData> newLoadResult(Object loadConfig, List<ModelData> models) {
return new BasePagingLoadResult<ModelData>(models);

Variable loadConfig is not used?

In "PagingToolBar.java", there is a method

protected void onLoad(LoadEvent event) {
if (!rendered) {
renderEvent = event;
config = (PagingLoadConfig) event.getConfig();
PagingLoadResult<?> result = event.getData(); //result is the returned result of newLoadResult?
start = result.getOffset();// will be always ZERO.

23 Aug 2009, 10:16 AM
This is already adressed in SVN. You will need to override that method to fit your needs.