View Full Version : asynctreepanel example page question wait icon loading

24 Aug 2009, 7:04 PM
Hi Guys,

This has me baffled.

On the async treepanel example http://extjs.com/examples/#asynctree
when you click nodes, you see parent nodes change to wait icons and then back again, which is great.

HOWEVER, when I implemented this example on my own project, using cut down version of the asynctreepanel example source provided with the GXT v2 libs, I didnt get the wait icon on load behavior happening.

Thinking perhaps I was missing something I even tried deploying and then running the samples.war provided with the GXT v2 libs (which should be identical to what is displayed on the examples page) but the wait icons didnt happen then either.

Any ideas?
Perhaps they've included java code to enable the wait on load icon on their web page but not in the code in the gxt 20 libs... is there anything specific I'm supposed to set to enable this feature or is it supposed to happen automagically ???