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26 Aug 2009, 5:05 AM
Hi There,

I got a ColumnLayout-Panel nested in a Fieldset which is part of a window.

The Panel got 2 Columns, widths are .3 and .5.
When it renders, everything is fine. But when the user resizes the window or the window gets a scrollbar which changes its width, all other fieldsets in the same window properly resize according to the new width, all of them got only form-layout panels in them. But the one with the ColumnLayout doesnt. It only resizes itself when the width of the window is enlarged, it gets bigger then as it is supposed to, but it never lowers its width.

Here is the Code:

new Ext.Window({
layout: 'border',
title: 'Neue Aufträge abholen - Filteroptionen',
item_opener: item,
manager: asc_eDesktop.getDesktop().getManager(),
closeable: true,
items: [
new Ext.form.FormPanel({
region: 'center',
frame: true,
autoScroll: true,
items: [{
xtype: 'fieldset',
title: 'Datumsfilter',
collapsible: true,
autoHeight: true,
items: [{
layout: 'column',
border: false,
items: [{
layout: 'form',
border: false,
items: [{
xtype: 'datefield',
fieldLabel: 'Von Datum',
name: 'DateFilter[DateFrom]',
format: 'd.m.Y'
}, {
xtype: 'datefield',
fieldLabel: 'Bis Datum',
name: 'DateFilter[DateTo]',
format: 'd.m.Y'
}, {
columnWidth: .5,
layout: 'form',
border: false,
items: [{
xtype: 'combo',
typeAhead: true,
triggerAction: 'all',
mode: 'local',
width: 210,
name: 'DateFilter[FilterValue]',
store: new Ext.data.SimpleStore({
//id: 0,
fields: [
data: [
['AuctionEndDate', 'Ende der Bestellung'],
['FeedbackDate', 'Feedbackdatum'],
['XmlDate','XML Exportdatum der Bestellung'],
['MailDate','Mail Versanddatum'],
valueField: 'itemId',
displayField: 'displayText',
fieldLabel: 'Filterbezug'
...and so on.

I hope some of you can help me,


26 Aug 2009, 5:15 AM
And how are you hoping that the center Panel sizes its sole child item?

(and why embed a column layout Panel in that Fieldset instead of just making the Fieldset layout: 'column'?)

26 Aug 2009, 5:21 AM
Since the other embedded Fieldsets also resize themselfes. They are built in exactly the same way, with the only difference of using form-layouts instead of a columnLayout. So I expect the ColumnLayout-Panel to also resize itself when the window gets resized (I think the Window should fire a resize for all of its child items, and those resize their child items and so on).

Edit: I have added a Screenshot of the Situation.

26 Aug 2009, 5:51 AM
No. Really. I'm not going to have another 5 page thread persuading someone to read the manual about layout, and dissuading them from overnesting. Read what I said. And post the changed code.

26 Aug 2009, 6:21 AM
I do your so-called overnesting because I will maybe need different layout types in the same fieldset in future. So it would be kind of stupid to just assume the need of one layout type.

The API Documentation about ColumnLayout tells me nothing which could explain that issue, additionally all of the other panels with formLayout resize the right way. I just changed the ColumnWidth from .5 to .7, which of course did not change anything at all.

Could you please explain what you mean?

Edit: Additionally, I can see that actually something Happens, since it resizes its width when the width of the window increases, but for some reasons I don't get it does not do this the other way round. This cannot be the expected behaviour, if I maximize the window, for example, it resizes to fir the window, but when I make the window smaller again, it remains on the width while all other fieldsets (with formLayout) resize properly.

26 Aug 2009, 6:45 AM
"so called"?


OK, you don't want any help.


26 Aug 2009, 6:56 AM
-.- This phrase should say that I do not consider this as overnesting as you did, for the reasons I explained.

And if we are at this point...your post before was not very nice, too, but I didn't care at all since you are probably kind of upset by having to solve similar problems again and again and again, I know this feeling. But this reaction of yours...well, I spend time here developing software and just wanna know the solution of my problem, by knowing the solution I will probably be able to understand it, too.