View Full Version : [Solved] Scrollbar showing when expanding accordion

27 Aug 2009, 4:16 AM
Hi Guys

Ive got a strange problem which hopefully is solvable...

I have an Accordion object where each of the items has HTML in it (short list of links and image) in a menu style.

The problem i am having is that when i expand the accordion items the scrollbar for the panel is shown as its animating open and then disappears when it is fully open. As it disappears it causes the content (which is centred) to shift visibly a scrollbars width to the right.

Ive tried various css settings to stop this but none seem to do the job - (overflow: hidden, padding instead of centring etc)

Does anyone have any ideas?


27 Aug 2009, 4:40 AM

Sorry to waste anyone's time - just discovered the solution. I had "autoScroll: true" on the accordion layout itself (i had been toggling it on the accordion panels themselves, with no effect) so it was obviously overriden from the parent.