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30 Aug 2009, 5:12 AM
Hello Forum, i need your help.
Ive got a gridstore[a], which i want to reload. Reloading whitout new parameters works fine. but if i want to set some parameters new, only the first parameters were loaded. I hope someone can help me.


gebaeudeStore = new GeoExt.data.FeatureStore({ //GeoExt.data uses the Ext.data.Store
layer: gebaeude,
proxy: new GeoExt.data.ProtocolProxy({
protocol: new OpenLayers.Protocol.WFS({
url: "http://localhost/geoserver/wfs",
featureType: "rfhgebaeude",
featureNS: "http://www.rostock.de/",
srsName: "EPSG:4326",
version: "1.1.0",
extractAttributes: true,
filter: new OpenLayers.Filter.Logical({
fields: [
{name: 'gebaeudeid', type: 'string'},
autoLoad: true
whith gebaeudeStore.reload() i am reloading the store without new parameters. but now i want to set a new filterparameters. i have no ideas for realiszing that problem.

thanks a lot

30 Aug 2009, 8:50 AM
try this way

ds.load({params:{start: 0,limit: 20}}); // Load datastore with paging parameters

31 Aug 2009, 11:03 AM
mh it does not work i have set gebaeudeStore.reload({params:{filters:[filtergeb]}}); i think ext change it as an get-method, but it is a post-method