View Full Version : Need help in portal layout.....(Row layout in portal)

3 Sep 2009, 5:56 AM
I need some complex layout in portal..........

I need to add two portlets into a portal at same height...
i.e. two portlets should be added like row layout
I have attached my requirement as a screen shot for reference....

i think it can be achieved by extending portal class... but still i have no idea of how to get row layout in portal class .....

7 Sep 2009, 4:31 AM
I don't think you can do that (at least not easily). The Portal class uses a ColumnLayout, so all the portlets will be laid out such that they "slide up" to the top-most area they can. i.e. There can't be any blank space above a portlet. However, you can add two portlets of the same height in adjacent columns so that they look like they're in a row-based layout, assuming their top locations are at the same y-position. Essentially you can make a grid out of it.

-- Joe

7 Sep 2009, 5:11 AM
thanx joe..

I don't think you can do that (at least not easily).thanx for the idea.. u r correct...really its not easy.. i am working on that joe.... but the problem is after adding that row layout i need to add a single portlet into that.... i cant able to add a single portlet into that portal... the new portlet comes behind that portlet.... its really killing me... if anyone has done that before ittll be helpful... thanx.....