View Full Version : Extjs 3.0.0 object references - HELP!

3 Sep 2009, 2:49 PM
How do we get a reference to the individual menu items of a split button to disable/enable them?
On the grid, we don't want a column heading to display but when the user selected which columns to display, we do want a label there. How do we get a reference to the menu items for change the text from blank to actual text?
How do we dynamically add a new field to the grid and connect it to the store? Basically, we have a tree of folders and one of the folders is a recycle bin. When the user clicks on any folder but the recycle bin, we show certain columns in the grid but when they click on a folder in the recycle bin, we need to remove certain columns from the grid and add a couple new columns.
When adding a new node to the tree, how can we specify where in the tree to add the node. Currently it always adds it to the end but we have a recycle bin at the end and want to add new nodes in alphabetical order.
Thanks in advance!