View Full Version : JSTL and ExtJs

16 Sep 2009, 4:04 PM
Hi all I am new to programming, I am trying to update/delete/add database rows using ExtJs grids. So I figured out after lots of reading that I can use JSTL to execute database queries. and Generate ExtJS grids. but I do not know how to match the variables in java script to JSTL or vice versa. This could be very easy for most of you but please help me, I need some info atleast to get started.

Qsn 1) I execute the database query and get the result set in my JSP ( Using scriptlets or JSTL). How do I put those data in to EXTJS grids.??


QSN2) How do I send the data from the grids to database using Java.

I have Java code and extjs code in the same JSP how do make them talk to each other I have no idea. Please dont laugh at me i am new to programming and I am learning it to get a job.