View Full Version : [UNKNOWN][3.??] code-display.js - found an issue when I "fixed" column-tree.html

27 Sep 2009, 7:51 PM
In the column-tree.html example

Does NOT actually point correctly to code-display.js, which is under ../shared/...
and not just ../code-display.js

When I 'fixed' the html to point to the correct spot for code-display.js, then I get an error line 332
in the code-display.js.

It says the connection object is invalid:

This line:
makeRequest:function(method, uri, callback, postData, options)
--->>> var o = this.getConnectionObject();

So, the demo column-tree.html works if I delete the reference to this code-display.js,
and the reason it works out of the box is because the reference is actually broken.

If you point the html to the correct code-display.js I believe it will be a "bingo, there it is" kind of "aha".

I don't know much about this code-display.js or I'd try to fix it too.