View Full Version : ComboBox in EditorGrid does not clear store filter

28 Sep 2009, 11:54 AM

This took me all day to figure out so I thought I would post it here in case somebody else has the same problem.

I have columns in an editor grid that contain combo boxes. The number of drop-down choices is large, so I want to use the typeAhead feature, which means I must set "editable: true". This works great until the user types in an invalid text string and then clicks into another cell. It appears that Ext 3.0 does not clear the filter on the datastore associated with this combo in this scenario. So when the user clicks the same combo in another record, the persisted filter screws up selection (the store shows no records, so the valueField is displayed instead). It's hard to explain but easy to see when it happens. Anyway, I solved the problem by adding to my overrides:

Ext.form.ComboBox.on('blur', function(cbo) {

Maybe it's a subtle bug or oversight, but I haven't seen any complaints in the 3.0 forums. Anyway, hope this helps someone.

7 Jan 2010, 1:18 AM
I am also facing the same problem. I am filtering one combo values depending upon what is selected in other combobox, but if i add new record in the frid the same filter applies to that row as well.
Any suggestion on this?

18 Jan 2010, 8:19 AM
This works a treat! Thank you so much for finding this, I spent about 5 hours looking this morning, should have done a better forum search eh!