View Full Version : I am newbie in the javascript I need some advice

28 Sep 2006, 12:07 PM
- I need some IDE to tests the librarys?

I use JSEclipse. Aptana is also popular.

-How I can debug in Javascript?

Microsoft has a downloadable script debugger you can use with IE. Search microsoft.com. If you can get VS 2005, it's even nicer. FireFox has an extension you can download as well, but it is very slow and not as easy to use.

- Is there simple examples how to use Yahoo UI extensions?

There are lots of examples available on my blog, http://www.jackslocum.com/yui/

- Can I mix this librarys in the aspx page?

All the YUI and YAHOO.ext code is namespaced so it will mix fine with other libraries.