View Full Version : Getting items through a function not working...

16 Oct 2009, 1:17 PM
Not sure what's up, but the things I did in 2.2 are not working in 3.0... Simple things like returning an items array in a function:

var blah = new Ext.Container({
items: this.getItems()

getItems: function() {
var retArr = [];
//code that builds array
return retArr;

Also, I'm trying to minimize DOM load by using containers instead of panels and when specifying the items array for containers, they seem to not take kindly to shorthand at all. Sometimes things will render, other times they won't. Seems that the busier firefox gets, the more often things don't render.

It's just super super frustrating. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

16 Oct 2009, 2:46 PM
Step through and see why it's not working. Looks like simple code, just debug it.