View Full Version : Make Position with ContentPainel

19 Oct 2009, 8:24 AM
Hello there,

I don't know if its a bug or if i'm making something wrong but the point is:

Im using this code:

final ContentPanel pnlUltimasPostagens = new ContentPanel();
pnlUltimasPostagens.setSize(170, 117);
pnlUltimasPostagens.setPosition(23, 75);

Well, my set position is not working alone.
But when i put the code below:

new Resizable(pnlUltimasPostagens);

Then the position of the contentpanel is successfully positioned. By the way i dont want that the user redimension the size of the contentpanel and i havent found any "Moveable" class to able my content panel just to move position.

Someone knows how to solve this problem?