View Full Version : [2.0.1] TextArea: getSelectedText() doesn't work?

20 Oct 2009, 1:31 PM

I have just a Textarea which, where I wanted to modify to a kind of WYSIWYG (just very simple), but the getSelectedText(), as well as the start/length doesn't seem to work? Both are parts of the TextField class:

public class TextField<D> extends Field<D> {


public String getSelectedText() {
int start = getCursorPos(), length = getSelectionLength();
return getRawValue().substring(start, start + length);


I'm using 2.0.1 and HostedMode (guess InternetExplorer is standard browser.)

21 Oct 2009, 3:17 AM
I tried it now in FireFox and InternetExplorer, and there it works! In hosted mode it doesn't work... ?