View Full Version : How to disable the Horizontal Scroll Bar of the Grid.

23 Oct 2009, 1:13 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem with the horizontal scroll bar of Grid. The problem is that whenever I add a row into the Grid, the column widths change and the horizontal scrollbar shows up even though the contents of the newly added row fits into the cells of the Grid. When the Grid is empty, the horizontal scrollbar doesn't show up. I've attached screenshots illustrating the problem. Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.
Francis ~o)

GXT: 2.0.1
Browser: Chrome & FF 3.0.13

27 Oct 2009, 6:50 PM
Anyone who has figured a way to solve this? Thanks a lot. :)

28 Oct 2009, 3:08 AM
I remember doing something similar. I will try to find the code but, as far as I can remember, what I did was inserting the grid into a container, I set the overflow CSS attribute for that container as hidden. For the inner grid into that container, I set Scroll.None as I was using the container to handle the possible extra size of its inner grid. Then for the the container, depending on what you want, you can also set Scroll.ALWAYS or Scroll.NONe, as you need.

I wish this may help.