View Full Version : Paged Grid: Selecting and Highlighting of a particular row

31 Oct 2009, 6:22 AM
Hi All,

I am a newbie to Extjs and have been trying out different things. I came to a requirement and need answers from you guys.

Short version:
I need to highlight (select/focus) particular row on the current displayed page in a paged grid.

Long version:
What I want is I have a paged gird with a hyperlink entries in one column. Whenever user clicks on that link I redirect him to a different page where he can view complete detail about that entry. User now also can go back to that grid. The requirement is this, whenever user goes back to grid, I want to highlight that particular entry which he had selected and saw the detail so that he would know his last selection.

What all I've tried:

1. grid.getView().focusRow(rowIndex) //doesnt work
2. grid.getSelectionModel().selectRow(0); //doesnt work either

Please suggest, what else I could try here.
I can also post my code snippet if you guys think that would help

Thanks in advance.