View Full Version : Listing grid with an arraylist inside a JSON Object

New User123
1 Nov 2009, 9:12 PM
Hi ,

I'm new user of this framework . I'm successful in using extjs 2.2 for listing data from JSON object . Now I'm trying to create a listing grid panel with JSON object which has a list inside it and few Objects also

Is it possible to map records if JSON object is like

{testData: [
{'company':'3m Co', 'price':71.72, 'change':0.02, 'pctChange':0.03, 'lastChange':'9/1 12:00am',
"listProducts":[{'prodname':'prod1', 'quality':'q1'}, {'prodname':'prod2', 'quality':'q2'}]

Can u please confirm if i can acheive the above functionality using ext2.2

Thanks in advance