View Full Version : GWT and GXT widgets integration

2 Nov 2009, 4:27 AM

I would like to combine common GWT and GXT widgets in one application. Is it a good idea?
The reason is that my application, where I plan to use GXT widgets, is based on pure GWT. I would like to use GXT widgets only in cases, where common GWT widget is not sufficient (the functional requirements can not be fulfilled by a GWT widget).

After a short look at to the GXT I have the impression, that GXT is more than a widget library. I can see the following issues:

GXT and GWT widgets has a different API for handling events - is it a good idea to have 2 different approaches in one application?
GWT and GXT containers handle the widget rendering in a different way - they have different lifecycle
GWT and GXT widgets are based on different CSS definitions and they have a different Look&Feel - this could be handled by custom CSS, but this can be time consuming and tricky. I can imagine issues to be introduced by unexpected behavior caused by CSS inheritance

Please let me know, if You have any (good or bad) experiences with using GWT and GXT widgets in the same application.

Thanks and have a nice day!