View Full Version : I can't see created pdf in a new window

3 Nov 2009, 1:33 AM
Hi all,

I have used gwt , ext gwt and jasperreports in my project.
I have a server side and client side. My client side enters some values to some textfields
and presses "Get report" button. Then on the server side it connects to database takes
the records needed and creates a report with these records. Server side returns the
address of created report to the client and on the client side I open a new ext gwt
window and set the url to the returned address. But I can see nothing. The report is created under the address it returns but it does not display it. The weird thing is that
when there is a report(with the same name) in the specified directory, I run the program
again and it displays the report. But when i delete the report there and run again it does
not display and say that "source not found, blabla.pdf not found."

How can I solve this issue? What is it related with???

please help me... this is how i used window:

arg0 is returned from the server as the name of pdf file(report). and win is created as Window win = new Window();

public void onSuccess(String arg0) {
String url = GWT.getHostPageBaseURL() + arg0;