View Full Version : Make another extjs active

10 Nov 2009, 12:07 PM
I am learning extjs and i stock for a few days with problem. I have tab panel on page. I am sending value from combobox to create and make new tab active. I want send some value by get.

var tab = Ext.getCmp('urzytkownicy_dodaj').add({
title: cb.getValue(),
closable: true,
autoLoad: {
url: 'user_add.php?title=' abc'
Now I want the page user_add.php be render in tab with its extjs (it is diffrent page witch extjs in it).

I can display HTML but not javascript in that new tab from page I loaded.

I menaged the problem adding scripts: true to autoload config - anyway that is not what i wanted. I lost the "focus" and buttons in main page don't work. Is theare any chance to make that tab from autoload work in secound context ?

10 Nov 2009, 1:57 PM
I would shy away from trying to do this. I would not want my browser to have that much loaded due to overhead. What is the reason that you want to have a second instance open instead of passing variables back and forth with ajax calls and keeping it all in one load?