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13 Nov 2009, 5:30 AM

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BorderLayout and collapse after render & NPE you write:

I added some changes for 2.1 that also make the other work.pls let it work like all other collapse stuff (like in ContentPanel#collapse) that it checks if it is rendered otherwise it remember it and collapse it in onrendering so that we dont need to overwrite some listeners and methods and just write:

BorderLayout borderLayout = new BorderLayout();
final ContentPanel contentbody = new ContentPanel(borderLayout);

and please also add an

public boolean isCollapsed(LayoutRegion region)
public boolean isExpanded(LayoutRegion region)

PS: and as bonus an:

public void setAnimCollapse(boolean animCollapse)

13 Nov 2009, 5:42 AM
The current borderlayout implementation is not able to animate. Adding this is a braking change and can only come, if it comes, with GXT3