View Full Version : Confusing about the record "id"

14 Nov 2009, 8:45 PM
hi, all.

i have a problem about Ext.data.Record. i know that the "Record" itself has a "id" property,and in most cases , i have a "Field" that is taken as the "id" of the record.
Those two different "id"s has different meanings. To my understanding, the first is for the management of records by the store, while the second is for my business domain.
however, when i create a store with a writer and set to "autoSave" true, something confusing me happens :
1)when i add a new record to the store, the writer will post a request with id generated by Ext, although i have set the id to a number.

how should i do to help the writer fixed this problem automaticlly.


14 Nov 2009, 8:48 PM
or should i give up the writer and make use of the Ext.Ajax to do things manually?