View Full Version : Attachment / File Upload handling

1 Jul 2007, 3:06 PM
Has there been any thoughts/development on how to handle file attachments? From what I have seen so far you need to use the Domino File Upload control to get it to have a name like:


This then means you need to use an iFrame to handle these forms. I am not to keen on iframes as I will then have to handle what to do with the tab panel it is in when the form is submitted.

Any ideas?

2 Jul 2007, 5:52 AM
We've been dragging on a conversation for a while on how we're dealing with forms. The current implementation does open up each document in an iFrame already, otherwise we could easily run into id conflicts on the page as more than one document with the same form was opened.

As for handling the tab panel it is pretty straight forward, I believe someone already posted the line of javascript you can call to close a tab within your code. I expect that we'll definitely focus on providing drop-in or sample versions of common actions like save or save & close. Since we have the action bar coming over I'll see if we can't get these actions in for the next alpha release (which should be coming soon)