View Full Version : ComboBox remote sorting ultimate tutorial :)

18 Nov 2009, 2:48 AM
I was so happy that I got combo box remote sorting working that I made a small tutorial on it. (40 mins. )
In this tutorial you will be presented with (in brackets the minutes):

How to set up the database ( 2 )
How to write your server side script (in PHP) ( 5 )
Set up ExtJS ( 9:45 )
How to create a Form Panel ( 14 )
How to create a Combo Box ( 17:30 )
How to create a JSon Store ( 20:00)
How to modify the PHP script to give us JSON encoded data ( 21 )
How to set up remote sorting with the Combo Box ( 24 )
How to set an initial value to the Combo Box when page is loaded from the DS ( 30 )
How to work around some problem I had to face with when I was learning how to make remote sorting Combo Boxes ( 36 )

And in the meanwhile I present you:

some concepts on how the combo boxes work
how the data stores work
how communication with the server is done
how to create/modify some event listeners
how to bind/unbind event listeners
how to use firebug for some debugging purposes
and how to go boldy where noone has gone before! :)

Before you start watching the tutorial I would like to warn you about a few things:

my spoken English isn't that great
the video quality could be better

If you already know the basics I suggest you to skip the first few steps. :)

And finally the video: http://vimeo.com/7680338