View Full Version : ButtonGroup overflow

25 Nov 2009, 4:36 AM
Hi all,
I'm using ButtonGroup and when it is larger than my window, gxt creates automatically a tooltip that includes the ButtonGroup but the icons are not resizable and they overlap themselves as in the image attached. Do you know how to resolve it?

25 Nov 2009, 4:39 AM
WHen posting in the bugforum, you should have read the guidelines. I moved it out.

You will need to extend ToolBarLayout and override addComponentToMenu so that you transfer the icons into a smaller one. This cannot be handled by GXT (where should it get the icons from?)

25 Nov 2009, 4:46 AM
If I extend ToolBarLayout and then override addComponentToMenu then the menu will show always or only when toolbar is larger than my window?
After I've extended toolbar layout how can I use it in my toolbar object?