View Full Version : Editor Grid's disappearing cursor, tab key disorders, and locked columns anomaly

4 Jul 2007, 1:48 PM
When in editor grid:
1. Cursor disappears when using tab key/arrows to move between cells that are being edited
2. Arrows are not working within a cell, they only jump the cursor away from this cell rater than moving between letters
3. When there are locked cells:
3.1 the tab/arrows stop marking selected rows after a few movements.
3.2 the tab/arrows always take you to the beginning of the row (first column)

Any ideas on how to solve these bugs?



4 Jul 2007, 9:35 PM
Well, since none of those are properties of the default grid configuration/code, can you supply any more details?

5 Jul 2007, 12:01 AM
More details:

1. Like in Excel spreadsheets, when I "stand" on a cell, and press the "Tab" key, I expect to "jump" to the next cell on the right.
In Ext Grid this happens just fine when no column are locked, with one problem: it doesn't matter on what cell I am currently standing, when pressing the Tab key, The first cell in the Grid (top-left cell) is highlighted (and not the NEXT cell), and then the next click on the tab brings me to the second cell, etc.
Nevertheless, when some columns are locked, pressing the Tab key brings the user to the first grid cell. Another Tab - brings to the second cell, as expected. BUT: after a few times, the cells are not highlighted anymore and the user can't know what cell is currently selected.

2. When the cursor is inside a form element, like a textarea, pressing the keyboard arrows should help the user moving inside the edited text. In Ext EditorGrid - the arrows get the user out of the edited cell to the next cell.

3. It is also expected that if the cursor is inside a textarea in cell1 and I use the Tab key/arrow key to move to the next cell, the cursor will be inside the next cell's textarea. This saves the user many clicks when editing data in large grids.