View Full Version : [UNKNOWN][3.1] Column Head: Vertical Scroll Bar

17 Dec 2009, 7:15 AM
Just upgraded to 3.1.0 (great job, btw) and I noticed something small... doesn't bother me too much, but it is a bug.

Looking at the screenshots I have below, grids which require both a vertical and horizontal scroll bar have an odd column head issue.

The "column" containing the vertical scroller stays where it is supposed to when scrolling horizontally... but it's column "head" does not. This looks a bit messy.

17 Dec 2009, 7:19 AM
Are you sure it's not an issue with the theme you're using?

Please post a test case with just standard Ext.

17 Dec 2009, 7:24 AM
Yup... I'm sure.

Using the "Array Grid" example (packaged with 3.1), change the grid width to something small (like 200px). You'll see it really quick.

17 Dec 2009, 7:52 AM
I can't see a bug.

17 Dec 2009, 8:19 AM
My point was that the header for the vertical scroller "column" should stay put - just as the scroller itself does.

Currently, that header is moving with the rest of the column headers.

If that is intended functionality, that's fine. I just think it looks funky.

17 Dec 2009, 8:47 AM
Must be a change in the way the width of this.innerHd is set. It must now include the scrollbar width.