View Full Version : Pass state of widgets on dashboard to server on change.

Steve Pidgeon
29 Dec 2009, 11:33 AM
I am reading chapter 11 of the book Learning EXT JS in hopes of learning how to acquire the list of all the draggable objects in the dragzone.

I find the code in the book does not exactly work, I can drag but cannot drop.

The code for list in Chapter 11 downloaded code is quite different from the code they publish in the book, and also it drags but does not drop.

I am using Firefox and Firebug, there are no errors, and the drop event never fires.

Bottom line: I need to know how to put code in the drop event that gets all the dragable items in the dragzone so that i can record their state (including location) to the server for persistence.

Any advice would be appreciated. I previously had posted code, but with 75 views, nobody commented, maybe this will be a simpler question to respond to.

thank you.