View Full Version : using null DataProxy no longer works under 2.1?

5 Jan 2010, 3:35 PM
I am currently attempting to upgrade to GXT 2.1.0 and am running into the following issue...

I have a custom implementation of BasePagingLoader, to which I am passing in a DataProxy which is null.

From what I understand, using a null proxy will cause the BasePagingLoader to call the method 'loadData()' instead of using the proxy.

In my BasePagingLoader implementation, I have overridden the loadData method to perform the RPC call which loads the requested data from the server.

But now that I have upgraded to GXT 2.1.0, this no longer seems to happen. In fact, my loadData() method is never called at all anymore.

Is this something that has changed in 2.x? We have been previously using Gxt 1.1, which was working fine.

7 Jan 2010, 4:25 AM
because it is customized code you should make an example of your problem with a standalone class with EntryPoint etc. and post it here. try to do it in one class so everyone here can replay your example.