View Full Version : Grid reconfigure() is not working in GWT

11 Jan 2010, 10:20 PM
Hi All,

I am using EXT JS gxt-2.1.0 with GWT. I have gone through sample demo for grid binding "Grid Store Binding". But as my Grid data is not static, I have write method as follows,

public void updateCustomerResult(
List<CustomerDetailsModel> customerSearchResult) {
ListStore<CustomerDetailsModel> store = new ListStore<CustomerDetailsModel>();
grid.reconfigure(store, cm);


Also after modification , changes reflects in grid but not making in red as shown in demo.
And one more thing, the "Reset" and "Commit" button is coming on right hand side with small strip, after clicking on which showing two buttons vertically.

I also found that, if we populate Grid while creation then it works fine i.e. modification reflects with red mark in grid as well as Reset & Commit button works.

But when we reconfigure grid with same data, then all things goes bad i.e. modification not reflected with red mark in grid as well as Reset & Commit button not working.

So after using reconfigure, its basic function is not working? Is there is way to solve it out ?

Please help me out in this problem.

14 Jan 2010, 8:52 AM
i understand the reconfigure to attach a complete new store (and with a different columnmodel) to the grid - so it is for me logical that there are no red marks etc visible.

insted attaching a new store you can modify the existing store data to reflect the changes?

15 Jan 2010, 7:38 PM
Hi Arno.Nyhm , Thanks for reply.

I am using grid to populate search result.So instead of re-creating grid with every search , I am modifying grid with new search result data by using reconfigure.So it is not possible to modify existing grid.

Is there any other way or any other component which will fixed my problem?

18 Jan 2010, 6:00 AM
better do it like this: you can remove all records from an existing store and add your new search result.

why you not use the store with loader/proxy construct for your problem?

examples of sore.removeAll() -> look for the reload/reset buttons: