View Full Version : Strange CSS issues with Firefox and WebDeveloper extention

30 Nov 2006, 9:02 AM
I'm using FF 1.5 and the WebDeveloper extention. There's a strange problem when using the Edit CSS panel. It appears to hose parts of the current page's CSS. For example, grid columns get crunched together (exactly what you see if you're missing the ygrid-col entries from grid.css). Also the gradient image in ContentPanel titles seems to get lost, resulting in a white background for the title.

As soon as the Edit CSS tab is closed the problem goes away. I've seen this on numerous pages, including my previous sample with simple content in north panel and a grid in the center panel.

This seems to be something that started fairly recently, I'm wondering if maybe there's a confict between some of the special -moz CSS entries in the layout and what WebDeveloper must be doing to create it's functionality.

30 Nov 2006, 1:49 PM
It could be the WebDeveloper extension is overwriting CSS rules. The class YAHOO.ext.util.CSS used by the grid caches the CSS rules for the page. If WebDeveloper overwrites the rules (or creates new ones in their place) that would create problems.