View Full Version : [PENDING][3.??] What is stoppedMouseDownEvent ?

15 Jan 2010, 2:00 PM
I'm having an issue with a destroyed tooltip whose mousedown listener still seems to linger around. When another listener for mousedown is fired and calls stopEvent() this create an error (the old tooltip listener is called but the tooltip dom element is gone...).

This got me to poke around Ext.EventManager.stoppedMouseDownEvent.listeners: it seems this array is ever growing as my application builds and destroy different components. Is this normal?

I'm seeing the same effect with the Ext feed viewer example: move the mouse on buttons with tooltips as to make the tip appear and disappear, and everytime a tip is hidden the count of this array increases by one.

17 Jan 2010, 7:26 AM
OK I manage to norrow down things a bit :
- adding a mousedown event listener adds an entry in Ext.EventManager.stoppedMouseDownEvent.listeners
- removing the event doesn't remove anything from that array. As tooltips add a listener every time it is shown and tries to removes it when it hides, that array keeps growing as tips are shown

I can't see this not being a bug.