View Full Version : Combobox sizing issues

18 Jan 2010, 8:36 AM

I have an interesting problem that I need to solve with the sizing of the GWT EXT combobox.

We need to allow our HTML staff to style our GWT EXT applications via external style sheets.

So the particular issue that I am dealing with is being able to have differing widths of the textinput and the popup within the ComboBox.

The popup is wider because we have one or two elements in the list that are extra wide.
I perused the source code of the combobox and and i cannot see how to extend it or manipulate it someway so that I achieve the above.

I would appreciate it if someone knows how to do this that they would enlighten me.
Please note: Its very important that this control of widths be implemented via CSS. The reason for this is that we have multiple web apps that change their look solely via the stylesheets that we apply to them.

I am more than willing to extend the combobox to achieve the above goal. But after wandering through the comboxbox source code I could not work out what methods to override.

Cheers and thanks
David Balme