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27 Jan 2010, 3:16 PM
Hi guys,
I'm trying to integrate Ext.Direct with a J2EE server using directjngine but I've got some problem on Create and Update method.
I would like to send an Ext.data.Record using @DirectMethod (instead of @DirectFormPostMethod).

Client sends this json to the server:

{"action":"MovieService","method":"create","data":[{"entityList":[{"title":"Title","year":2010,"summary":"lorem ipsum"}]}],"type":"rpc","tid":3}

everything seems ok... directjngine create an object mapping json property to java member.

What I have to return? I read that Create and Update method should return Record/Record[] record and Object/Object[] data. How should be my json response?

{"result": *** how can server response??? ***,"tid":3,"action":