View Full Version : modal: true - returns weird

2 Feb 2010, 5:23 PM
I have code that seemed to work yesterday with the help of some on this forum (thank you for that) but now with the modal: true, the actual "blanking" the background goes to the bottom of my internet explorer and extends my page and the background is not set to blank (I hope I am explaining this alright - attached is a screen shot ). As you can see from the attached the Window up puts everything to the bottom of the page - with the window closed the website is fine.

here is my code:

<div id="base">
<div id="main">
<div id="infobox">
<div id="moreinfo1">
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed metus nibh, sodales a, porta at, vulputate eget, dui. Pellentesque ut nisl. Maecenas tortor turpis, interdum non, sodales non, iaculis ac, lacus. Vestibulum auctor, tortor quis iaculis malesuada, libero lectus bibendum purus, sit amet tincidunt quam turpis vel lacus. In pellentesque nisl non sem. Suspendisse nunc sem, pretium eget, cursus a, fringilla vel, urna.</p>
<p>Aliquam commodo ullamcorper erat. Nullam vel justo in neque porttitor laoreet. Aenean lacus dui, consequat eu, adipiscing eget, nonummy non, nisi. Morbi nunc est, dignissim non, ornare sed, luctus eu, massa. Vivamus eget quam. Vivamus tincidunt diam nec urna. Curabitur velit.</p>

var win;
var button = Ext.get('moreinfo');
button.on('click', function(){
// create the window on the first click and reuse on subsequent clicks
var vwkey = button.id+1;
win = new Ext.Window({
id: 'windowis',
plain: true,
constrain: true,
modal: true,
listeners: {
show: function(t){