View Full Version : Radio- CheckboxGroup not showing in IE

5 Feb 2010, 7:24 AM
Im working on a GWT/GXT project.
Creating some questions with possible answers in a checkbox or radio.

I create a fieldset, add a TextLabel for the question and then add the RadioGroup or CheckboxGroup (with the answers). Very simple code. In Chrome and Firefox it works perfectly, but in IE8 it fails. The RadioGroup and CheckboxGroup aren't showing up.

Tried the GWT development mode and publishing it to a server. In both cases IE fails.
Also with IE compatibility mode enabled, not working.
Im not compiling it for any specific browser.

I've attached a image wich show IE vs Chrome.
Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

5 Feb 2010, 7:28 AM
It is probably something regarding layout... the checkboxes should be there, but there are not being displayed, because there is probably not enough space, or something like this.

Better would see some piece of your code.

5 Feb 2010, 7:54 AM
Oke here is my code.

I created a object called GXTQuestion wich extends the FieldSet. In there i have a method called build()
Here is the code to build a question with a RadioGroup

//add the question
RadioGroup rGroup = new RadioGroup();
Radio opt1 = new Radio();

Radio opt2 = new Radio();

//add the group

The build method returns the GXTQuestion object (return this)

I call this function from my view class
(I'm using the MVP pattern)

q = new GXTQuestion(emp);

I hope you understand what I'm doing ;)
I't aint my full code, cause that would be to big too post here.

8 Feb 2010, 3:44 AM
Problem solved.
IE needs a form to be able to display those groups.

Made GXTQuestion extend from FormPanel instead of FieldSet. Now it works on all browsers