View Full Version : Multiple Request Sent By Client if Sever s Slow

8 Feb 2010, 9:01 PM

I am new to EXTJS. I am developing a simple client server application. I have EXTJS 3.0 on client side and my server is written is C# .net. I make the request to server and the service is executed on database and result is sent back to client. The application is stored on to the server and the request is made from the client machines on the LAN. This is the scenario.

This is working fine if a single user is using this application, but when multiple users use this application and sever is slow. The request is sent repeatedly to server. This also stops the application after sometime.

Example. I make a request to server to search into the table. now the result is huge grid, server makes proper json string and sends the result back, client is not able to analyze this request and hence sending the request again. And because of this after sometime it stops working also.

I have analyzed this problem by keeping trace on the server side, server side is returning data correctly but I think client side (which is EXTJS) has a problem.

Please help me through this. Its very important for me to solve this. Please suggest me some solution.

Thank you in advance