View Full Version : More comprehensive tutorial on Ext.Direct ?

10 Feb 2010, 4:51 AM
Hi ExtJs Gurus and fans !

This is my first post here.

I have working hard lately on ExtJS, reading the three books available, articles, browsing through this invaluable forum...

I discovered Ext.Direct, and thought I should use it to provide a "seamless" communication with my existing back-end, designed in ".net"

So I downloaded the Ext.Direct.pack.zip, fumbled with the samples provided (ExtDirectSample).

I tried to implement a DirectStore to populate a combo box, but could not make it work.
I search through the forum, and saw that I was not the only one in this position. The solution, when provided did not work for me.

I read there was a specification somewhere, that would probably help me understand how to pass parameters, what is the expected response format (if any),
what is the difference between "DirectMethodForm" and "DirectMethod", etc...

Could you please point me towards a more comprehensive tutorial / example that the really basic ones provided in the "ExtDirectSample" (possibly in C#/vb.net), or those featured in the Samples and demo page (http://www.extjs.com/products/extjs/).

A CRUD implementation would be ideal.

Is Ext.Direct "enterprise ready" (sorry to ask) ?
Is there an valid alternative ?

Thank you.

Keep up with the good work.