View Full Version : Filters not applied to LiveGridView

11 Feb 2010, 12:20 PM

I have created a Grid and applied a LiveGridView to it:

jsongrid = new Grid<ModelData>(store, cm);
liveView = new LiveGridView();

To provide filtering in the grid I have added StoreFilterField to the context menu of each column header. This implementation of filtering will work untill I apply a LiveGridView to the grid. Once the LiveGridView is added the rows in the grid never get updated when a filter is applied.

The filter is definatly being applied to the grid store as jsongrid.getStore().getCount() returns the correct number of records that should be in the store once the filter is applied. But the LiveGridView never seems to be updated with the filtered store. I have tried the following code to force the LiveGridView to get the filtered store but doesn't work?

jsongrid.getStore().addListener(Store.Filter, new Listener<StoreEvent<ModelData>>() {

public void handleEvent(final StoreEvent<ModelData> be) {

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



12 Feb 2010, 3:42 AM
i'm having a similar issue..... any ideas on how to force the LiveGridView to account for the filter that has been applied to the underlying store......:(:(