View Full Version : [CLOSED][3.1.1] TabPanel#tabPosition: 'bottom' broken

13 Feb 2010, 12:20 AM
The style of bottom-tabs looks broken. Tested with Chromium and Firefox 3.6.

You can easily reproduce with examples/tabs/tabs-examle.js:
Add after line 22:

tabPosition: 'bottom',

Please also note the attached screenshot.

13 Feb 2010, 1:09 AM
looks perfectly fine to me on OSX 10.6.2:


Firefox 3.6:


Chrome 5.x:

13 Feb 2010, 1:15 AM
Ok, I forgot to mention that I have tested both Firefox and Chromium on Linux. Top Tabs look perfect, but bottom tabs don't.

13 Feb 2010, 2:06 AM
looks like it's just a linux thing.

i tested on WinXP, using Fx3.6 and Chrome 4.x and both appear fine too.

Jamie Avins
13 Feb 2010, 8:54 AM
This was tested in Linux as well. This was a bug that was fixed in 3.1.1, are you sure of the version and you don't have a cache issue?

If you still have an issue, please submit you OS, doctype, and exact browser versions.

13 Feb 2010, 9:09 AM
It really looks like I have tested an 3.1.0 build. Shame on me.

With the released 3.1.1 it seems to be fixed.

Sorry for wasting your time it this case, guys.

Jamie Avins
14 Feb 2010, 9:14 AM
No problem, it happens to everyone.