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22 Feb 2010, 5:38 AM
When using tabs the rows won't be rendered when it isn't rendered as activeTab.

I'm also using Array data and the change i made seems to make it work fine

Edit this line at 'BufferView.js' in red

doUpdate: function(){
if (this.getVisibleRowCount() > 0) {
var g = this.grid, cm = g.colModel, ds = g.store;
var cs = this.getColumnData();

var vr = this.getVisibleRows();
for (var i = vr.first; i <= vr.last; i++) {
// if row is NOT rendered and is visible, render it
if(!this.isRowRendered(i) && this.getRow(i)){
var html = this.doRender(cs, [ds.getAt(i)], ds, i, cm.getColumnCount(), g.stripeRows, true);
this.getRow(i).innerHTML = html;

There is another bug; When using tabs, you go back and reload the store and then go back to the grid only the first 3 rows will be visible.

small fix (Add this function to the bufferview class):

initUI: function(grid){
Ext.ux.BufferView.superclass.initUI.apply(this, arguments);
grid.on('activate', function(){
if (grid.rendered)
}, this);


1 Apr 2010, 10:07 PM
Fixed in svn, rev 6431.