View Full Version : Ext.Toolbar.Button does not respond

23 Feb 2010, 7:42 AM
Hi All,

in my application i have a tool bar button defined as follows

this.showDayView = new Ext.Toolbar.Button({
pressed: this.activeView == 'day',
text: 'day view',
iconCls: 'cal-day-view',
xtype: 'tbbtnlockedtoggle',
handler: this.changeView.createDelegate(this, ["day"]),
enableToggle: true,
toggleGroup: 'Calendar_Toolbar_tgViews'

and also i have defined changeview() method too. when i click on the first time it does not execute this method.but from second time onwards it starts executes this method. this is only happen in IE 8. this works fine on firefox..

Do you guys have any idea about this?
your help highly appriciated..