View Full Version : Panel content not rendered on slide out when Panel rendered collapsed

24 Feb 2010, 1:51 AM
I've got a FormPanel in a normal Panel. Initially the normal Panel is rendered collapsed.
If I click on the expand Button of the normal Panel it expands and the inner FormPanel is rendered fine.
If I click on the Panels Titlebar the Panel slides out but the FormPanel is not rendered.

Setting a breakpoint with Firebug in the callback of the Ext.layout.BorderLayout.Region.slideOut function shows the form items are not rendered.(property rendered is false).

If I now resize the Firebug window the FormPanel and all of its items render correctly.

In Ext 2.1 and 2.3 we had nearly the same bug (form items rendered, but not correctly) and we got it fixed by adding a doLayout() in the afterSlide() function.<br>This doesn't work anymore in Ext 3.1

Maybe there's someone out there who has the same problem and can help.