View Full Version : ComboBox in Gird: Too many clicks (2 to edit, 2 to save)

24 Feb 2010, 2:30 PM
I'm having some problems with my combobox in a grid.

To view the dropdown list, I have to click on the gird twice:
- First click: displays the dropdown
- Second click: displays the list

And to select a value, there's another two clicks:
- First click: selects the value but the grid still thinks you might edit
- Second click: confirms the value

Is there anyway to reduce the number of clicks? Currently, I have clicksToEdit set to 1 in my grid. 'auto' and 0 seemed to increase the number of clicks.

The latter problem - that you have to "click out" for your selection to register, is a bigger problem so please let me know how I can reduce the number of clicks!

Thanks guys!

24 Feb 2010, 2:42 PM
Hey guys, I found a fix to my first problem so now I need only one click to see the dropdown.

However, I'm still searching for a solution to have only 1 click to select and register the selection.

Anyone have any ideas?