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25 Feb 2010, 3:11 AM
Hi I've just noticed that my extJS grid,which uses a CheckboxSelectionModel, actually shows two checkboxes in the left most column. If I make the column wider, I can see it. The extra checkbox becomes checked when I tick a row.
Has anyone ran into this before? Do you know if that's ok and what was the reasoning behind putting an extra checkbox there?
I have attached the image of grid.


22 Jun 2011, 2:14 AM

Do you solve this problem?

23 Jun 2011, 4:44 PM
You aren't supposed to set a width on the checkbox column. By default it is the correct width and is not resizeable.

Jim Fisher
14 Oct 2011, 8:35 AM
Scenario where we would want to increase the width:

Using IE9 and ExtJs 3.4, if you set the checkbox column to be sortable (sortable = true) and set the checkbox column to show the dropdown menu on the right-side (menuDisabled = false). The result: the dropdown menu on the right-side cuts off the single checkbox with the default width.

In order for you not to see the cutting off of the checkbox, you need to increase the width to 32 (again IE9 and ExtJs 3.4). Then you see the problem that the OP (original poster) listed.

[Currently searching for an answer to this problem, will try to repost if I find a solution.]


30 Mar 2012, 6:39 AM
I too am having this problem. For me, all checkboxes are unselected, but the shadow checkboxes are shown selected. If I do select a row, I get the correct looking display:


25 Jun 2012, 12:13 PM
The same think is happening with me.

6 Jul 2012, 5:56 AM

It is about bg of checkbox column, maybe some css rule should work like:
.x-grid3-hd-inner.x-grid3-hd-checker{width:16px !important;}

It will prevent the shown of the other checkbox bg of the column, regardless of resizing sorting etc.

13 Jul 2015, 1:43 AM
I see the same issue, did we find any solution for this yet ?