View Full Version : EXTJS in Action ch 16 app problem

8 Mar 2010, 1:03 PM
Sorry if this is geared more at Jay's book, but the problem is surrounded by the autoLoadStore stated below. Firebug does not throw a fn: is not defined, so it must be defined somewhere in EXTJS?

This also should be relevant here since examples are preached as learning tools and Jay's example of Ch 16 is an EXCELLENT example with CodeIgniter on the backend, which are few and far between.

I bought Jay's book and I downloaded the zip from the sample app (Ch 16) and have it rendering the viewport nicely with my fields.

For some reason though, my Dept data will not on the DepartmentManager.js call to the buildDepartmentList() function which is a registered xtype for the listview

The listview generates correctly with columns/headers but the data will not load.

Line 30ish of DepartmentList.js shows this

,autoLoad : this.autoLoadStore

If I change the line to "autoLoad:true", my listview data loads properly.

Under this scenario, If I get a list by changing the autoload and click on a Department, I get a "var selectedDepartment = this.getComponent('departmentList') is not defined...... error in Firebug

I believe this is because the data is not passed to the BaseClass functions which then load data to the Form and update the grid.

The other thing from the demo site is when you click an item it fires employees/listForDepartments...... I don't see anywhere in the javascript where this is specified.

Chapter 16 rocks because I too am using CI as my backend and here is the FIRST working example of such. Any thoughts?

I wish I didn't read tech books chapter-chapter to learn as if I went to 16 example with CI, I could have short cut a ton of my development.