View Full Version : Ext3.1 Radio Group I wonder if its a bug

11 Mar 2010, 4:40 AM
When I binding a form to a grid,I use radioGroups to display the field 'status'
The 'radiogroup' code:

xtype: 'radiogroup',
columns: 'auto',
fieldLabel: 'Status',
name: 'status',//needed or bind fail
inputType : 'radio',
items: [{
name: 'status',/ is needed or the radio can be multiselected
inputValue: '0',
boxLabel: 'nomal'
}, {
name: 'status',
inputValue: '1',
boxLabel: 'forbidden,
}, { name: 'status',
inputValue: '2',
boxLabel: 'unknown'

When I choose a record from the grid and it will be dispaly in the form,
I also create Update and Save buttons in the form
and the handdle code:
* onUpdate
function(btn, ev) {
if (this.record == null) {
if (!this.getForm().isValid()) {